Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Quote from Elizabeth Lynn R.

"If we allow Him access to our hearts, our imperfections don't even matter."

- taken from her journal entry titled "purpose", on November 20, 2005, posted on her XANGA site and her deviantART site.

my own ruminations...

(which may or may not be related to her post)

Forgiveness is love. Love is forgiveness.
Whether between humans or between humans and God.

To feel loved by God, we must feel loved by ourselves.

To love ourselves, we must forgive ourselves.

To forgive ourselves we must deposit our broken selves at His feet. The concept of brokenness is far broader and more inclusive than the idea of sin or sinful condition. Brokenness includes everything. The temptation of the word sin is that we can use it in a way that is reductionist, jargon, or legalistic.

God is everywhere, including in our hearts; the problem is we avoid and hide from Him, not Him from us. There is at least a spark of the Divine in everyone's hearts, however small or hidden it may seem.

It is we who are separated from our (true) selves, and therefore, separated from God.

"Know thyself" - the point is that the more we know ourselves, the more we find ourselves in God, who is our origin and, hopefully, our final destination.

To reunite our alienated selves with God, we must seek out those secret and no-so-secret ruined and broken places in our hearts, break down all the doors and widows, let the fresh air in, and hopefully a spark of the Divine spread within and kindle into a purifying, loving flame.

Oh, kick the soapbox out from under my feet! Moreover, where is my heart: I can take something simple, analyze it, and make it so intellectual and complicated!


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