Saturday, October 08, 2005

New Jersey Catholic Radio

My job moved from Manhattan to Warren Township, N.J. last June, and so I have been driving to work instead of taking the train. Listening to the radio in the car, I have gotten tired of listening to the same classic rock songs and have little interest in kiddie pop. I became digusted with talk radio very quickly, especially the afternoon show on N.J's main station, 101.5 As an alternative, I had been hoping to find a good Christian radio station.

As of September 2, New Jersey has a Catholic Radio station, named New Jersey Catholic Radio, at 89.3 on the FM dial. It is associated with EWTN (the Eternal Word Television Network) and the broadcasts are mostly of programs that were broadcast on EWTN television, but they do some programming of their own. They are licensed in Hazlet Township (where I live!) but broadcast from Telegraph Hill in Holmdel Township (next door to Hazlet). Their range is central New Jersey and parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn. . On the Internet, they also do live streaming audio of their broadcasts. They are non-profit and rely on donations. They do have periods of dead air. I have not been able to get reception on the Garden State Parkway south of exit 105. I have been able to get reception as far north as Warren Township, Somerset County, but I haven’t tested the northern limits.


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