Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Shall Not Hate -- Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish

I Shall Not Hate  - an interview from a Canadian T.V. Show

I find this man and his story to be extraordinary. He is someone who embodies what it means to be human and who refused to surrender his humanity to hatred after the killing of his daughters and niece by the Israeli military. The ability to forgive someone who has committed evil against loved ones is the most difficult thing for a person to do.

Dr. Abuelaish was born and raised, in poverty, in a Palestinian refugee camp in Israel. He is a Moslem. For me, as a Christian, it has been too easy for me to think of forgiveness as a virtue that only Christians preached or valued (while admitting that most Christians fail to live up to the standard). The fact that this man is a Moslem, that in the face of what happened to his family, that he has refused to hate, shows that the capacity for forgiveness and reconciliation is common to all people. Dr. Abuelaish has an extraordinary humanity.

The Amazon Website for Dr. Abueliash's Book About His Experience:
I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journay on the Road to Peace and Dignity

Another Interview with Dr. Abuelaish:
Dr. Abuelaish's Website Dedicated to His Daughters:
Daughters for Life


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