Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas Present

Of the nations of the world, Cambodia ranks among the poorest of the poor, most certainly among the poorest in spirit (Mt 5.3).  On December 26 on the Roman Catholic calender, we commemorate St. Stephen (Acts 6.1 - 7.60).  St. Stephen fed and clothed the widows and orphans of the first Christian community while witnessing to the Truth. For this he was stoned to death, becoming the first martyr of the church.  Below are two articles about contemporary Cambodia. As Christians and others in Cambodia feed, clothe, house, educate, heal, and free the captives, we also pray that the people who are responsible for their oppression will be redeemed.

An Excellent Account of Contemporary Cambodian history:  

The Beleaguered Cambodians, by Margo Picken, former head of the UN Office for Human Rights.  12/15/2010.

An Interview with Theary Seng, on the State of Contemporary Cambodian Society, 9/17/2010:

A Discussion with Theary Seng. Founder, Cambodian Center for Justice and Reconciliation and CIVICUS: Center for Cambodian Civic Education.


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