Monday, October 04, 2010

Human Trafficking in New Jersey

New Jersey is Sordid Work in Crossroads of Human Trafficking

"Sex trafficking relies on customers who do not care if the person gyrating on stage or answering an online personal ad is coerced. Indeed, one crusader on the issue said the sex trade would not be able to operate without trafficking victims.

"'You can almost take that to the bank,' said Rep. Chris Smith, R-Mercer, sponsor of a landmark anti-trafficking law in 2000 and several subsequent updates. 'Based on the evidence, it is true, there are women who are commingled with women who might say they’re doing it on their own. And that’s everywhere. I hate it. It’s a commoditization, like a supply issue.'

"Myles said the 'staggering demand' from men for commercial sex far outweighs the number of women willingly working in the sex trade.

"''That demand drives a need for more trafficked women,' he said."


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