Monday, April 26, 2010

A Letter from Ashley Judd

April 21, 2010
Dear friends of Nomi Network,
As an advocate in the fight against gender-based violence, I am writing to applaud Nomi Network's innovative approach to combating sexual trafficking in Cambodia. I have visited more brothels than I care to remember in 12 countries, and have learned that this kind of violence against women is not the exception to the problem, but the norm. Nomi Network's marketplace solution of providing job opportunities and hands-on job training empowers survivors and at-risk populations with financial independence. This mission is accomplished through the nurture and care of the dedicated individuals that make Nomi Network possible.
One of the key individuals of Nomi Network is my dear friend and fellow activist, Ruchira Gupta. Ruchira was awarded the Clinton Global Citizen Award in 2009 for her visionary leadership and work with Apne Aap in the red-light district of India. Ruchira's outrage against the exploitation and suffering of the sex slaves that are sold in Bombay drove her to give her life so that those who were enslaved can start new lives. She is a pioneer in this movement and an inspiration to all of us abolitionists world wide.  When I was traveling to India, I set aside time to meet Ruchira, whom I had been told was, in all of India, with its many wonderful grassroots practioners and enlightened souls, "the" person I had to get to know. Boy, what a meeting that was, and what a beautiful friendship has come from it!  In addition to supporting her work in India, I've had the honor of Ruchira coming to Harvard to speak to one of my classes, and students literally followed her to her car, wanting to learn more, do more and duplicate her model! 
Wherever I go, people ask me how they can fight the modern slave trade in a meaningful way. I am grateful for Ruchira, Apne Aap, and Nomi Network, and I urge you to take part in their efforts. Reach out and contribute your time, energy and talent to make a difference in a life.  

I thank you for joining us in honoring Ruchira Gupta at the first annual Spring Gala and appreciate your contribution towards Nomi Network's vision of a world free from gender based violence and the end of sexual slavery. 

volunteer night women 
Ashley Judd

Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS,
PSI Board of Directors
To RSVP for Nomi Network's Spring Cocktail and Award Ceremony on May 5th at6:30 PM please visit or


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