Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Letter From The Principal

On Mondays, my sons’ Catholic grammar school sends home a school newsletter, plus a motley collection of notices, announcements, sign-up sheets, etc. This past Monday, the last sheet that was stapled to the pack was titled, "Letter to Parents."

Dear Parents,

We see times in history and even today the terrible and terrifying acts that can result from a lack of respect for differences among nations, among groups, and between individuals. While we accept in theory the idea that multiculturalism adds richness to our lives, our daily actions often negate that acceptance. We see stereotypes rather than individuals. We view with suspicion those who are "different" in any way.

As parents and teachers, we have an obligation to stop the spread of negativism in our relationships with others. We are the models our children follow. We must forgo the ethnic jokes, racial slurs, and tendency to categorize groups. Just as we treasure our own identity, customs and beliefs, we need to respect those of others. Mutual respect is important in dissolving disagreements on an international as well as a personal basis.

A sense of fairness and the knowledge that all people are God’s children will help us avoid making wrong judgements. To keep Christ in our hearts requires that we also look for him in others. If we demonstrate our own love and respect for those who are different from us, we will be models who show our children that diversity can enrich the flavor of America’s melting pot. We will have taken one more step toward that peace on Earth that must begin with us.

Yours in Christ,

Sr. Kathleen, CR


Blogger Julie D. said...

So after reading a note like that I'd start to wonder "who" got caught calling "who" some name.

If your kids' school is like the one our daughters attended, the gossip would be flying. Nice touch for Catholic school parents, right? It took a lot of resolution for me to ignore it.

12:04 PM  

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